A short distance from Kobarid and the Soča river, under the foot of Matajur, lies the village of Svino. The Kranjc house is situated right by the road in the picturesque and calm village centre, surrounded by typical country architecture, characteristic of the zgornje Posočje region. Everyone can find a spot for themselves here: couples or families, nature lovers, bikers, fishermen, hikers.

The building of the Kranjc house consists of two spacious suites, intended for the accommodation of two or six persons. The interior is enriched by chosen furniture which give hints to the connection between the ancient and modern. We also get a feeling of welcoming warmth by gazing through the windows adorned by curtains with genuine Idrija lace. If we move the curtains we see the mighty mountains of Krn and Matajur, the rooftops of village buildings and meadows. And the drinking of morning coffee on one of the suite balconies is accompanied by the sight of the newly renovated church of St. Andrew, built in the gothic style in the 15th century. The suites in the Kranjc house are built across two floors, with living quarters on the lower and rooms with bathrooms on the upper floor.